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Card Number: 434
Series: Series 09
  • Collection: Name of the collection for which this NFT was issued
  • Card Number: Order within this NFT collection
  • Issue Date: Date this NFT was published.
  • Blockchain: Blockchain on which this NFT was issued
  • Artist: Name of author of this NFT
  • Status: State of this NFT artist
Artist active This artist has not lost his private key and can trade
Artist inactive This artist has been inactive for an extended period of time and may have lost his private key.
Admin active This admin is actively trading.
Admin inactive This admin are not actively trading. (May be airdropped or offered for sale on the market in the future)
Mint Date
Dec 2016


The real life model is Mao Zedong, who laid the foundation for the origin and development of the New China of the 20th century. New winds are blowing into China and its strong one-party rule that will change people and change society to create a new culture, and something WACK will arise! This is a piece that expresses ways that the Crypto culture may change what has come down from the historical background. This is a creation, a piece, that has been representing the Crypto genesis of the Chinese nations since 2018, inspired by its creator's time spent living in China at that time, set up in three layers with MAOIZMPEPE, MYRIADMPEPE and the Chinese flag in the background.

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